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Pretoria Garage Door Repairs have been repairing and installing all makes and models of garage doors for over 20 years. We offer our services to home owners and businesses. Our qualified technicians are experienced in problem solving to make sure that the garage door repair is not just a quick fix. Call us now on 084 071 7476 for a Fast Quote.

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    Pretoria Garage Door Repairs, we provide a full range of garage door repair services to meet your needs. From broken garage door spring repairs to garage door motor replacements, and everything in between, there is no garage door repair job too big for us to handle.

    Residential Garage Door Repairs

    We’re the leading provider of garage door repairs, garage door maintenance and new garage door installations to homeowners in Pretoria.

    Commercial Garage Door Repairs

    At Pretoria Garage Door Repairs our technicians fix your commercial garage door problem quickly & effectively, with results that last.

    Industrial Garage Door Repairs

    For all your industrial garage door needs in Pretoria, look no further - we can assist you with repairs or installation of a new industrial garage door.

    Why Choose Garage Door Repairs Pretoria

    When you’re searching for a dependable garage door repair company in Pretoria, you can count on our experienced and qualified technicians for any garage door repair or installation.

    Don't ignore your garage door repair needs.

    Here at Pretoria Garage Door Repairs, we are ready and happy to assist you with all your garage door needs.

    Full-Service Garage Door Repairs

    At Pretoria Garage Door Repairs our extensive background of experience allows us to solve complex problems in both commercial and residential garage door applications.

    Specialized Technicians

    Our qualified technicians are expertly trained in order to provide our customers with safe and effective residential and commercial garage door repair services.

    Complete Customer Satisfaction

    When you choose us, you can rest assured your Pretoria garage door repair project will get the highest level of attention and commitment it deserves.



    Qualified Pretoria Garage Door Repairs

    Need a qualified Pretoria Garage Door Repair Technician, call us now! We are available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We will provide you with the best garage door repair solutions.

    affordable-garage-door-repairs in Pretoria

    Affordable Pretoria Garage Door Repairs

    At Pretoria Garage Door Repairs we believe that our affordable prices help us to maintain our happy customer base, that and our excellent workmanship!

    Pretoria 24 hour emergency garage door repairs

    24/7 Emergency Garage Door Repairs Pretoria

    We’re a full-service Garage Door Repair company in Pretoria. Our technicians are experienced and capable of taking care of all your garage door repair requirements.

    Pretoria advanced garage door repairs

    Advanced Garage Door Repair Solutions Pretoria

    Our technicians continually stay informed and rely on the latest garage door repair solutions to supply our customers with the best garage door services in Pretoria.

    About Pretoria Garage Door Repairs

    The Best Garage Door Repairs in Pretoria

    For more than 20 years, we have been a leading name in the local industry, servicing homeowners and businesses across Pretoria with our reliable solutions.

    Over those two decades, we have learned exactly what type of service keeps our customers happy. That’s why we have a reputation for offering unbeatable solutions that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

    So what is it exactly that sets us apart from the rest? To begin with, our friendly team of professionals knows the ins and outs of what they do better than anyone else. They arrive on time and are always fully prepared to get the job done that day.

    On top of this, we pride ourselves on our highly responsive nature when it comes to emergency repairs – meaning that wherever you are throughout Pretoria & Surroundings, we will come and solve your garage door problems 24/7.

    We are known for incredible solutions and are confident that you will be satisfied with your experience with us. So next time your garage door needs some attention, don’t hesitate to get the experts on the job.

    Garage Door Services Pretoria

    We offer a variety of Garage Door Services in Pretoria for Residential and Commercial clients.

    Pretoria Garage Door Repairs and Maintenance

    High-Quality Repairs and Maintenance In Pretoria

    To keep your garage door in good working order it’s important to have it serviced regularly, or repaired as soon as possible if it gets damaged. We suggest you call and book a garage door service every 12 months to keep it working smoothly, especially if it’s automated. This will maintain the warranty and ensure any small problems are identified and repaired to avoid costly repairs later. 

    If you are experiencing problems or loud noises when operating your garage door? Contact Pretoria Garage Door Repairs for a fast and easy solution today.

    Pretoria garage door repairs

    Pretoria garage door repairs and garage door installations

    Garage Door Installations in Pretoria

    A seamless garage door experience with Pretoria Garage Door Repairs

    The decision to get a new garage door isn’t always an easy one, especially with so many options available on the market. That’s why we’ve made the entire process in-house. From supplying you with a design that matches your home or business to a prompt installation to your exact requirements, Pretoria Garage Door Repairs delivers you a seamless garage door experience.

    With reliable warranties, ongoing support, and technical advice, our comprehensive service extends well beyond a simple transaction that our Pretoria customers have come to expect and appreciate.

    Industrial and Commercial Garage Doors Pretoria

    Why every business needs a high-performing garage door

    Commercial and industrial garage door systems play a vital role in the success of day-to-day operations for many businesses in Pretoria and its surroundings. They provide much-needed security against theft, but also ensure your business runs as smoothly as possible.

    At Pretoria Garage Door Repairs, we deliver durable and reliable industrial and commercial doors that are built to withstand frequent use, providing functionality while keeping your goods safely secured.

    industrial garage door repairs

    garage door motor repairs in Pretoria

    Pretoria Garage Door Motors

    Need A New Garage Door Motor?

    Pretoria Garage Door Repairs helps you restore order and function with a new garage door motor replacement.

    We can’t think of anything more frustrating than a malfunctioning garage door motor. It could be the difference between a business delivering goods out on time, to a homeowner getting trapped inside their garage. At Pretoria Garage Door Repairs, we supply and install garage door motors in Pretoria for all applications including Residential, Commercial, and Industrial. Powerful and reliable, our garage door motors are amongst the quietest in the market, backed by lasting warranties, and are a smart choice for both residential and commercial use.

    Pretoria Spring Repairs and Replacements

    We provide high-quality repair and replacement solutions for garage door springs in Pretoria.

    If you’ve got a broken spring on your garage door and need it replaced fast, you’ve come to the right place. Our customers are our number one priority and we take pride in having your door up and running ASAP.

    Here at Pretoria Garage Door Repairs, springs are usually replaced in sets. When the first spring breaks, the load is quickly shifted to the remaining spring. This applies significantly more tension than what the spring is used to and greatly weakens the steel coil. Once your broken spring is replaced, the surviving spring (in its weakened state) has to work as efficiently as the new spring, and in an effort to keep up, breaks in the process.

    With cost-effective choices and a highly experienced team, you really can’t go wrong with Pretoria Garage Door Repairs. Call us today!

    Pretoria garage door spring repairs

    Pretoria roll up garage door repairs

    Pretoria Roller Door Repairs and Installations

    Premium Roller Door experts in Pretoria

    Roller Door Repairs and Installations require the services of a skilled, well-trained garage door expert. Roller garage doors have long been one of the most popular garage door styles and for good reason. Normally constructed from steel, this curtain-like structure uses a rolling mechanism. This makes it a fantastic space-saving option, as well as an incredibly durable one due to the materials used.

    If you are looking into a roller door installation in Pretoria or wanting to fine-tune your existing garage door, Pretoria Garage Door Repairs are the team to turn to. Whether your garage door simply isn’t looking its best or is actively displaying signs of damage, our team will get it sorted quickly and efficiently.

    Sectional Garage Doors Pretoria

    Pretoria Sectional Garage Door Repairs

    Sectional Garage Doors have long been a favorite garage door option for South Africans, with the design consisting of several panels. These panels break up the design into different sections but work together to open and close the garage.

    These doors use the same mechanism as a roller door but their sectional design is what makes them stand apart. With a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from, you can customize your sectional door to suit the aesthetic of your home or business. Sectional doors are an attractive and modern addition to homes and businesses but must be maintained well just like any other garage door. If you’re looking to install or repair sectional doors in Pretoria, Pretoria Garage Door Repairs are the team to trust.

    sectional garage door repairs in Pretoria

    Pretoria garage door repairs at affordable prices

    Pretoria Tilt Garage Doors

    The smart solution for smaller garages.

    Looking for a modern alternative to roller doors? Tilt garage doors are the sleek choice for countless property owners, opening by tilting outwards to allow vehicles to enter. This makes tilt doors far more accommodating than sectional or roller doors which require ceiling space for a door track or roller. If you are looking to install a new tilt door or repair your existing tilt door, get in touch with the team at Pretoria Garage Door Repairs.

    We provide a host of services related to garage tilt doors in Pretoria, including installations, maintenance, and repairs. These services extend to both commercial and residential properties, providing peace of mind to all our customers.

    More Garage Door Repair Services

    Pretoria best garage door repair specialists
    • Garage door spring repairs & tensioning
    • Cable repairs & replacements
    • Garage door cables repairs
    • Rollers wheel replacements
    • Alignment of garage doors
    • Garage door off-track
    • Replacing of worn pulley wheels
    • Overall garage door maintenance
    • New garage door installations
    • Garage door motor installations And repairs
    • Industrial roller shutter door repairs
    • Roll up, sectional & tilt-up garage door services
    • Chromadek & wooden garage doors
    • & More

    Pretoria garage door repairs and service in Pretoria


    Pretoria Garage Door Repairs

    We guarantee that you will receive only the best quality garage door repair services and products from us. 

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